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All Paid Members - Please read the Bylaws. 



In order to stimulate in the people of South County, Prince George’s County, an active interest in governmental affairs; to increase the efficiency of popular government; to foster and perpetuate the ideals and principles of the Democratic Party; and to provide for our people, through its administration, the highest degree of social justice and welfare, we, the South County Democratic Club, do associate ourselves together and establish that it shall be the policy of this organization in all of its endeavors to contribute to the growth and influence of the Democratic Party leadership; to increase party responsibility; and to maintain and promote harmony within the party ranks.



It is ordained that all members shall treat one another with due politeness and respect during the meetings, and all other times, and that all ungenerous remarks, personal allusions or sarcastic language by which feelings of a members may be wounded, shall be carefully avoided and that all discussions be conducted in a spirit of moderation and generosity and, at all meetings of the club, anything to the contrary notwithstanding shall be ruled “out of order” by the president officer.



The name of the association shall be the South County Democratic Club.

Section 1. Purpose


It shall be the object of this association to promote and support the Democratic Party by inspiring greater participation in the democratic process; by developing new leaders and bringing forward positions that are consistent with Democratic Party values, and by working to improve the quality of life of the people of Prince Georges County, Maryland and the Nation.



Section 1: The membership of this organization shall be composed of a group of men and women who are registered voters and registered members of the Democratic Party and who are desirous of lending their efforts to wholehearted support of the Democratic Party and its policies.


Section 2: Every member shall pay dues as set by the membership annually, the same to be paid on or before the third meeting of each year.


Section 3: The money for dues must be paid to the Treasurer.


Section 4: No person who is deficient in his financial obligations to the club, for any reason whatever, shall be a member in good standing nor shall he have a vote.


Section 5: Any member dropped from the roles for non-payment of dues shall be reinstated upon payment of current dues.


Section 6: Application for new members shall be open to all people who conform to the ideals set forth in the Preamble of this Constitution and these Bylaws.



Section 1. The South County Democratic Club shall hold its meetings on the Second Tuesday  of every month at 7:00pm. The above will be in effect unless otherwise decided upon by the Executive Board at which time notice, in writing, to such effect shall be given to all members. Special meetings shall be called by the President, if necessary, or upon written request signed by five (5) members in good standing. When a special meeting is called, notice thereof, in writing, of the time, place and purpose thereof shall first be given. The meetings of the Executive Board shall be at the call of the President.


Section 2: The annual meeting for the election of officers shall be the second Tuesday in November. Installation of officers will be at the regular meeting in the month of January of the following year.


Section 3: The Treasurer’s Yearly Report for the year shall be briefed during the month of December and presented at the January meeting showing the Club is in good standing.


Section 4: No business can regularly be entered upon until a quorum is present and, if at any time during the meeting the members present are below the quorum, the assembly must immediately adjourn. The meeting shall be opened at the time prescribed by the Bylaws if 10% of paid members, but not less than 10 members who are in good standing are present.

Section 5: Rules and order of business shall be governed as follows:


a. The President, having taken the Chair, at the sound of the gavel, general silence shall be observed throughout the meeting place and all present shall have taken their seats.


b. A member may be limited in speaking-time according to a ruling of the President or presiding officer.


c. No Committee can be discharged until a complete report has been submitted.


d. All questions of order not herein provided shall be governed by, and the meetings shall be conducted, in accordance with “Roberts Rules of Order, Revised”.


e. All regular and Executive Board meetings shall generally be conducted as follows:


i. Calling the meeting to order,


ii. Salute to the American flag,


iii. Reading and approval of minutes of last meeting


iv. Treasurer’s Report


v. Reports of officers, Chairmen of standing Committees, and other Committees in this order


vi. Discussion and determination, if possible, of unfinished business


vii. Discussion and determination, if possible of new business


viii. Speaker’s speeches, if any.


ix. Good of the order.


x. Adjournment.


f. In the event that a speaker is scheduled to speak before the Club and said speaker has only limited time to spend with the members, the President may waive the normal order of business of a regular meeting.



Section 1: Elected officers of this Club shall be:


a. President


b. Vice President


c. Recording Secretary


d. Treasurer


e. Corresponding Secretary



Section 2: There shall be seven standing Committees appointed by the President:


a. Legislative Committee


b. Membership Committee


c. Public Relations/Media Committee


d. Program and Events Committee


e. Political Liaison Committee


f. Community and Youth Committee

g. Bylaws Committee 


The President shall have the authority to appoint such other Committee or Committees from among the members in good standing as deemed necessary.

Section 3: The term of office for all officers and Chairmen of the three standing committees shall be for the period of two year and any one or more may be re-elected or re-appointed for one two-year term. However, no one person may hold two positions on the Executive Board.


Section 4. Any vacancies of the officers of the Club shall be filled by nomination and two-thirds (2/3) vote of members of the Executive Board until such time as said vacancy may be filled by a normal or special election which will be held in the normal manner for the election of officers.

Section 5. Presently, the Executive Board meetings are at 6:00 pm on the second Tuesday before the Public Meeting



Section 1. The PRESIDENT is the official leader of the Club and will serve as Chair of the Executive Board and call meetings thereof as deemed necessary; and, he shall be “ex officio” Chairman of all Committees. The President shall appoint, to serve at his discretion, a Parliamentarian to assist in the interpretation of any parliamentary rule or usage when such is necessary.


Section 2. The VICE PESIDENT shall act as President during the absence of the President and shall serve on all Committee pro tempore in the absence of the President.


Section 3: The RECORDING SECRETARY shall recording the minutes of all meetings and notify all members in good standing of the meetings, notify all members of dues being payable for the coming year on the December

 meeting notice that, if dues are not paid by or during the March meeting, they will be dropped from the role, notify dropped members of the Club’s actions and procedure for reinstatement.


Section 4: The CORRESPONDING SECRETARY shall handle correspondence for the club, assist the President and Committee Chairs with administrative tasks as necessary, and shall assume the responsibilities of the Recording Secretary during his/her absence.


Section 5: The TREASURER of the Club shall be required to sign, with the approval of the President, all checks or drafts of the Club and shall be entrusted with the handling of all funds and other personal property of the Club, keep financial records, and submit a report at each meeting.


Section 6:  Any officer failing to attend three (3) consecutive meetings, unless excused for good cause by the President or presiding officer, shall forfeit the right of office and the Executive Board shall proceed to elect such new officer by two-thirds (2/3) vote thereof and said appointed elective officer shall serve until such time as said elective office may be filled by a normal or special election which will be held in the normal manner.


Section 7: The officers of the Club shall each have such powers and duties as generally pertain to their respective offices as well as such powers and duties as from time to time may be conferred by the members and/or the Executive Board.


Section 8: Any officer or Chairman of a standing Committee may be removed for cause by three-fourths (3/4) majority of the Club members.



Section 1: The Executive Board shall consist of all such members who are duly elected and/or qualified officers of the Club and the seven (7) standing committees.


Section 2: The duties of the Standing Committees are, respectively, as follows:

a. Legislative Committee shall be composed of a Committee Chair who shall appoint at least two (2) additional members whose duties shall be to monitor local, state and federal legislative initiative that have a direct impact on people, communities and businesses.


b. Membership Committee shall be composed of a Chair who shall appoint at least two (2) additional members and whose duties are to secure new members. A Membership Chair shall have a list of all members consisting of the names, addresses and phone numbers. This list should be updated at least once each year. Yearly dues are $15.00 January 1st to  Dec 30th of each year.


c. Public Relations and Media Committee shall be composed of a Chair who shall appoint at least two (2) associate members and whose duties are to secure publicity through media and community relationships; and create a PR program with the Presidents guidance.


d. Programs and Events Committee shall be composed of a Committee Chair who shall appoint at least two (2) additional members whose duties shall be to arrange two yearly programs and submit plans to the Executive Board for approval.


e. Political Liaison Committee shall be composed of a Chairman who shall appoint at least two (2) associate members and whose duties are to secure liaison efforts with other Democratic Clubs throughout the County of Prince George’s to work in conjunction with these Clubs for the purposes of forming a single organization to present to the State Central Committee the objectives and ideas of various clubs and as one organization.

f. Community and Youth Committee shall be composed of a Chair who shall appoint at least two (2) associate members and whose duties are to research community and youth activities for the purpose of keeping the association apprised of items of interests and offering the club and opportunity to partner with ongoing community activities. To maintain a database of youth under the age of 21-years of age for the purpose of creating and maintaining a SCDC Young Democrats sub-committee.

g.  Bylaws Committee shall be compose of the Parliamentarian who shall appoint at least two (2) associate members who duties are to propose changes, as the need arises to the Bylaws, to promote compliance with the Democratic Party. 

Section 3: It shall be the power and the duty of the Executive Board in all of its endeavors to contribute to the growth and influence of the Democratic Party leadership, to increase party responsibility and to maintain and promote harmony within the party ranks.


Section 4: The Executive Board, shall have the following authority and duty:


a. To review the current local, state, and national political developments and to consider the effect that any of same will have on the Club and proposed activity of the Club in regard to advancing the Club’s purposes.


b. To first consider all major problems with which the Club is concerned, analyze same, obtain the facts pertinent thereto and, on the basis thereof, make recommendations to members at any normal or special meetings called for the members. Should any problem or matter develop where the Executive Board feels that the Club should consider, or decide same, the Executive Board’s recommendations shall be advisory only.


c. The South County Democratic Club will not, at any primary, endorse candidates.




The Club’s fiscal year shall correspond to the calendar year.






Proposed amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws shall be presented, in writing, signed by at least three members, shall be read in a regular meeting and forwarded to all members in good standing prior to being discussed and voted upon at the next regular meeting. Adoption of same to be by two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of quorum.

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